Put a smile on your valentine’s face with these beautiful cream-colored roses

Things have changed a lot since last Valentine’s Day. Many of the romantic dates and experiences we were able to have in 2020 are no longer an option in 2021. But, one thing that hasn’t changed is that you still need to show your love with a V-Day gift. If you’re struggling as you try to figure out what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, you can always rest easy knowing that you can’t go wrong with a dozen roses.

These stunning cream-colored roses are currently only $39.99, which is on sale for over 40% off of their normal price. You don’t have to worry about keeping them safe and watered, because they will be delivered right to your (or your loved one’s!) doorstep just in time for the big day.
These long-stemmed roses come from Rose Farms, a company that guarantees that they are the freshest, best-looking flowers available. Their stunning cream color will complement any sort of home design, and are sure to delight whoever in your life is lucky enough to receive them.

“I have used Rose Farmers several times now,” wrote one reviewer. “They truly are the most beautiful roses I have ever seen! They also last a long time. Customer service goes beyond any expectations you could ever imagine. If you are looking to send or receive roses for yourself or someone else, you must use Rose Farmers!”

The best part about this promotion is that delivery is included in the price. You can choose to pay a bit more if you want, to add in a vase or some other details to the bouquet. Right now, they are on sale for the super impressive price of $39.99. Make sure you order by February 10 in order for them to arrive by Valentine’s Day!


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